The pmade inc. Software Labs

This page highlights some of the open source software projects written by Peter J. Jones during his software development career. This list is far from complete, but should put you on the right track if you are looking for one of his principal projects.

Current Projects Accessible Through Git

Name Language Description
bufshow Emacs Lisp Presentation tool using Emacs and OrgMode
cassava-streams Haskell io-streams interface for the cassava CSV library
effrb Ruby Source code for the book Effective Ruby
eldoro Emacs Lisp Emacs major mode to track time via the Pomodoro technique
elisp Emacs Lisp Random Emacs Lisp files
emacsrc Emacs Lisp Peter’s configuration files for Emacs
grunt GNU Make, Shell Manage Unix system configurations with GNU Make
halloween C++ Hardware projects/gags for Halloween
pdf-fdf Ruby Ruby Gem to help fill out PDF forms
playlists Haskell Haskell library for working with media playlist files
themoviedb Haskell Haskell library to pull data from TheMovieDB
thetvdb Haskell Haskell library to pull data from TheTVDB
unix-starter-kit Misc Configuration files for students new to Unix
vimeta Haskell Utility to update the metadata in video files
xmonadrc Haskell Peter’s configuration files for XMonad

Projects That Are Now Externally Maintained

Name Language Description
Netxx C++ Exception safe sockets and TLS connections
PDF::Reader Ruby Parsing/scraping PDF files
xmlwrapp C++ Library for working with XML and XSLT

Older Unmaintained Projects (Incomplete)

Name Language Description Last Year Maintained
AdminTools Make, Shell Automated FreeBSD administration 2009
Banter Ruby Comment Rails Engine for Ruby on Rails 2008
BareCMS Ruby Minimalistic CMS Rails Engine for Ruby on Rails 2009
Bolt Ruby Authentication/Authorization Rails Engine for Ruby on Rails 2009
Bowtie Ruby Ruby on Rails application management tool 2009
clo++ C++ C++ command line parser generator 2006
cronhelper Ruby Help serialize Ruby scripts 2006
cxxtools C++ Collection of useful C++ code 2002
Data YAML Data collection (e.g. US state names) 2007
Datetime Helpers Ruby Ruby on Rails plug-in for dates and times 2007
Layer7 C++ C++ network protocol library 2003
Picfolio C++, XSLT XSLT-based photo gallery generator 2003
SafePt C++ C++ threading library 2002
Scrapes Ruby Ruby website scraping toolkit 2007
Sord C++ C++ file/directory library 2006
Stickies Ruby Ruby on Rails plug-in to extend the flash 2007
SVA Ruby Subversion automation tool 2006
Tagging Ruby Ruby on Rails tagging plug-in 2007
Toolbox C++ Various utilities and tools 2002

Project Contributions and Patches (Incomplete)

Years Language Project
2000 C SANE - Scanner Access Now Easy
2001 C++ Botan (OpenCL) - Crypto Library
2001 C++ libxml++ - XML Library
2001 Perl Math::Currency
2002 C libxml - The XML C Parser
2002 C Gpasman - Password Manager
2003 C Gaim/Pidgin - IM Client
2003 C libxslt - The XSLT C Library
2004 C xwpset
2004 C Gtodo
2007 Ruby Webistrano
2008 Ruby Ruby on Rails
2008 Ruby Wig-Wug
2008,2009 Emacs Lisp Emacs Muse
2008-2010 Emacs Lisp Org-Mode
2009 Emacs Lisp Rinari
2009 C Emacs
2010 Ruby Transitions - Finite State Machine
2012 Emacs Lisp markdown-mode
2013 Haskell Hakyll - Site Generator
2013 Haskell Heist - Template Library
2013 Haskell Snap - Web Framework
2014 Haskell cassava - High Performance CSV Library
2015 Haskell taffybar - Status bar for xmonad
2015 Haskell xmonad-contrib - Extensions for xmonad